2022 Fresh Farm Apple Cider Buy (Member Pricing)


Pricing is per Liter. Please enter the total volume you would like to purchase in quantity below before adding to cart.

Please read description below for more cider buy details (including date and logistics)

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Our annual bulk cider order is back by popular demand!!

This is our 9th year of organizing cider orders, and we’re happy to be back at it after sadly missing 2 years due to Covid.

The Farm is very busy this year and to keep things simple, we are going to do orders for bulk juice only. The apple cider juice is unpasteurized. This juice is fantastic and many brewers have made award-winning ciders with it. This year’s blend will be Jonagold, Yarlington Mill, and Dabinette.
Please note: as was the case in previous years, we will need to make a minimum order to ensure this order can be fulfilled. Let’s make this a successful juice buy this year! 
Bulk juice is $2.25 per liter for members ($2.75 per liter for non-members). 
Please bring your own clean & sanitized container/carboy pre-marked with the volume you wish to purchase. 
Delivery:  (Tentative date: Wednesday January 18), one night only, 5 – 7 pm., Centennial Homebrewing Supplies located at 2985 Rupert Street, Vancouver, BC. This is a one time only delivery, so you must show up with your sanitized bucket/carboy, or send somebody in your place to do so.  You are responsible for pre-marking your container to the amount of juice you wish to purchase. Brian is graciously lending his space to us. Delivery will be behind the store. Please show your appreciation to a great supporter of our club by picking up your cidermaking supplies and/or some other supplies for the next batch of whatever you will brew.
Terms and Conditions:
Fresh farm juice is not pasteurized. By purchasing this juice you agree to not hold the producer or VanBrewers liable in case you or other people get sick.
This Cider buy requires pre-purchase to secure the order through the farm. If for any reason the group by cannot proceed (e.g., minimum volumes are not met) Vanbrewers will refund all purchases immediately.
In the interest of safety, as we continue to live through an ongoing pandemic, COVID safety precautions will be followed. During pick up and when visiting the store, please be respectful by keeping your distance, wearing a mask etc. If you are not well, please stay home and have somebody pick up your juice in your place.
By purchasing this juice, you agree to the above terms and conditions.