Notice of 2020 Annual General Meeting

Take notice that the Annual General Meeting of the Vancouver Homebrewers Association (VanBrewers) will take place on February 8, 2020 at 12:00 PM in the Roxanne Room at 12 Kings Pub (395 Kingsway St, Vancouver, BC).

Only VanBrewers members in good standing (e.g. paid-up) may attend the AGM. Renewals and new memberships can be taken before the meeting starts, but if possible, please renew or join online before the AGM ( As a reminder, we have recently transitioned to a new membership platform; please log into your account on to verify your membership status.

The By-Laws of the Vancouver Homebrewers Association are available for review (PDF).

The minutes of the 2019 AGM are available for review (PDF).


  1. Call to order and verification of quorum
  2. Move acceptance of the agenda and election procedures
  3. Move acceptance of the minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting
  4. Call for nomination of the election chair
  5. Report from the President
  6. Reports from Officers & Directors
  7. New Business / Questions from the Floor
  8. Election of 2020-2021 executive
  9. Adjournment


All officer and director positions on the VanBrewers executive are for a one-year term which expires at the conclusion of the AGM. Any member in good standing may stand for election to any position. The incumbents for some of the positions have indicated that they do not intend on standing for re-election; those have been noted below.

Nominations will be taken in-person during the election portion of the meeting. Nominations may also be made by email to until 11:59 PM February 7, 2020.

Members must be present at the AGM to vote; our by-laws do not permit proxy voting.

The current roles on the VanBrewers executive are:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Membership Director (incumbent not standing for re-election)
  • Meetings Director (incumbent not standing for re-election)
  • Admin/IT Director (incumbent not standing for re-election)
  • Competitions Director

After Party

There will be a private party in the Roxanne room following the AGM, for VanBrewers members and limited numbers of guests. Doors for the party will not open until the AGM is complete, likely 1pm. If you bring a corny keg (or equivalent) to the party your entrance fee is waived; otherwise, the entry fee is $20. 

Keg set-up will commence at 11am. Please bring your own bucket and tap; ice will be provided. Label your equipment if you ever want to see it again.

Keg pick up will be Monday following the event during 12 King’s business hours. Any remaining kegs will be picked up and taken to a location TBD for retrieval; please try to collect from 12 Kings as a courtesy to them and your executive.

Code of Conduct

The VanBrewers Code of Conduct (PDF) is in effect at the AGM and all other club activities and events. Copies will be available for review upon entry to the AGM. The Code of Conduct applies to members and their guests.
Please ensure you have a safe ride home from the AGM; do not drive. 12 Kings is well served by public transit.